Investigating, evaluating and writing about food trends and developments is something Carol enjoys. In a recent article she explored questions such as: What are the ups and downs of starting up a small food business in Norfolk?  Do pop-ups and food entrepreneurs benefit society? The owners of two Norwich micro-businesses (@Tofurei_norwich and @BroadTable) were interviewed for the piece. You can read their thoughts and Carol’s evaluation in ‘Bringing a career to the table’.

A related piece, entitled ‘Start-ups promote innovation’, appeared in Flavour Horizons. The article investigates the contribution of start-up and smaller food and drink manufacturing businesses to innovation in the food sector and identifies how flavour and ingredient manufacturers can benefit from working with these entrepreneurial companies. Included are excerpts from interviews with Lizzy Hodcroft founder of The Sweet Beet, and Steve Pearce CEO of Omega Ingredients.

Carol is one of the The Institute of Food Science and Technology Sensory Science Group (IFST SSG) representatives to the European Sensory Society.  She is involved in the PDO working group and recently wrote ‘The Mark of Authenticity’ explaining the work t being done to develop standard sensory testing approaches to Protected Food Names (PFN) in Europe, and what this means for PFN’s and small producers in the UK. The potential implications of Brexit are also discussed.  And the story continues...

Sensory panel performance is an important area for those working and using objective sensory evaluation (using screened and/or trained panellists to discriminate between and/or describe products or experiences). Carol has written two chapters about sensory panel performance for new text books. ‘Sensory panel performance measures’ in ‘Sensory Panel Management’ which was published at the end of 2017, and ‘Panel Quality Management: Performance, Monitoring and Proficiency’ (co-authored with Lauren Rogers) in ‘Descriptive Analysis in Sensory Evaluation’, which was published in March 2018.

Carol moderates a thought-provoking one-day workshop for the Market Research Society exploring the fast-developing area of the cross-over between sensory evaluation and qualitative research. The activities and discussions in the workshop consider tools and techniques that give an understanding of how consumers perceive and interact with the physical properties of products and/or to include sensory aspects within the creative development process. The last Using Sensory Evaluation Concepts in Qualitative Research session (held in June 2018) was enjoyed by delegates. Watch out for future course offering dates.