Market analysis, trend reports, and articles:

2019 How far can you go with fibre? (Carol Raithatha Limited)
2018 How lunch can fuel your company culture (Management Today)
  The mark of authenticity (Food Science and Technology)
  Start-ups promote innovation (Flavour Horizons)
  Bringing a career to the table (Carol Raithatha Limited)
Opportunities in Umami; Exploring the potential of the fifth taste (GlobalData)
  Strategies for Managing Food and Drink Flavor Portfolios (Canadean)
2014 The Future of Active, Intelligent and Interactive Packaging (Canadean)
2013 Flavor and Fragrance Innovation: Regional Inspirations (Canadean)
  Food and beverage packaging today – what’s next? (
2012 Innovations in Food and Drink Flavors: How Cross-category Flavor Migration is Helping to Create the Products of the Future (Datamonitor)
  Premiumization Strategies for Food and Drinks Companiess (Business Insights)
  Personal Care Trends Opportunities for the Food and Drinks Sector (Business Insights)
  Future Trends in Food and Drink Product Innovation (Business Insights)
2011 Innovations in Salt Reduction in Food and Drinks (Business Insights)
  The Future of Fat Reduction and Replacement in Food and Drinks (Business Insights)
2010 The Future of Active and Intelligent Packaging in Food and Drinks (Business Insights)
2009 Innovation in Food and Drinks Packaging (Business Insights)
2008 Future Flavor Trends in Soft Drinks (Business Insights)
  Future Flavor Trends in Food (Business Insights)

Articles and book chapters on sensory and consumer science methods and trends:

Sensory and Consumer Science is Getting in Touch With Touch (IN-TOUCH)
  Panel Quality Management: Performance, Monitoring and Proficiency (co-author with Lauren Rogers). Chapter in Descriptive Analysis in Sensory Evaluation (Wiley Blackwell)
Sensory panel performance measures. Chapter in Sensory Panel Management (Woodhead Publishing)
Multi-sensory design (Flavour Horizons)
Making it Real - Improving Ecological Validity of Sensory and Consumer Testing (Flavour Horizons)
He Smells Apple - She Smells Golden Delicious: Gender Differences in Flavour Perception (Flavour Horizons)


The role of sensory perception and sensory evaluation in the development of reduced sodium foods (Agro Food Industry Hi Tech)

Recent presentations and posters:

(Please contact Carol if you would like more information about any of these)

2017 Getting the context right for sensory and consumer testing - to control or not to control (IFST SSG discussion session)
  Making it Real – Improving the Ecological Validity of Sensory and Consumer Testing (FlavourTalk 2017, Amsterdam)
2016 Is gender a challenge for the performance of your sensory panel? (IFST SSG Conference)
2015 Consumer Insights: Will Consumers Compromise? (Nutraformulate)
2014 Examining the impact of increased competition on the development and marketing of healthy, natural and functional food and drink: how to stand out in a crowded market (Food Matters Live)
  Exploring the Consumer’s Perspective: Overcoming Important Hurdles in Sodium Reduction (Fi Reformulation Conference)
  How Much do Consumers Value YOUR Functional Food Products? (with Lauren Rogers at Nutraformulate )
2013 Sensory and Consumer Testing Techniques to Aid the Development of Palatable Food Products with Reduced Sodium (Food Ingredients Europe)
  Sensory and consumer research: Tools and developments in salt and fat reduction (Reduced Salt, Reduced Fat: Issues and Approaches IFR FHN Meeting)
  Panel Performance and Fast (with Lauren Rogers and Anne Hasted at IFST PFSG conference), International Panel Performance Survey 2012 Practices and Priorities (poster with Lauren Rogers at IFST PFSG conference)
  Designing functional foods that consumers like to eat (with Lauren Rogers at Nutraformulate)

Academic papers:

2009 Electromyography of the masticatory muscles can detect variation in the mechanical and sensory properties of apples (contributing author)
2007 Texture analysis of Red Delicious fruit: Towards multiple measurements on individual fruit (contributing author)
2002 Swallow indicator methodology as an enhancement to combined time-intensity measurement of flavour release and electromyography for monitoring mastication (contributing author)

Book reviews and meeting/conference reports:

2019 How should we eat? (Dragon Hall Debate review)
  E3S Early Stage Researcher Group Webinar (IFST)
  The detail and the duty (review of AQR/ESOMAR GDPR webinar)
2018 The Sensory Science Group conference explores why Health is Wealth! (IFST)
  A taste of culture - 7th European Sensory Science Society’s General Assembly and Symposium (IFST – with Lauren Rogers)
  Sensory Science Group - To p-value or not? That is the question! (IFST)
2014 Instrumental assessment of food sensory quality: A practical guide (in Food Science & Technology)
2013 Quality in Market Research: From Theory to Practice (in IJMR)

Expert opinion:

2017 Best bacon for your buttie or fry-up (Which?)
2016 Do you LOATHE brussels sprouts? It turns out it could all be down to your genes (in MailOnline)
2012 Get active! (Food in Canada)